Tree Removal
When a tree on your property has been damaged and has become a safety hazard, we’re here to help. We work safely and quickly to help remove the tree and all related debris.

While our goal is always to preserve the health of the tree, sometimes the damage is too severe, and removal is the best option. Trees damaged by severe weather events, environmental stress, untreated disease, insect or pest infestations, can become structurally weak and create a safety hazard. Unhealthy or overgrown trees can also best be addressed by removal. Other causes for tree removal could be to reduce competition between plants and other landscape element for nutrients and sunlight. We also remove trees located too close to offices, homes, utility lines, and other structures as a preventative measure to reduce safety concerns. Yellowstone Tree Care Experts are ready to help determine when removal is the best option, and will then perform the work safely and quickly.

Tree Trimming
All trees require regular professional pruning services. Trust our experienced team to trim your property’s trees in a manner that promotes the health and longevity of the plant. Always performed to industry standards, our Arborists oversee pruning for all ages and types of trees found at your property, including special purpose pruning as requested.

Proper trimming of your trees promotes healthy in the plant and makes sure your trees contribute to the beauty of your property. Pruning done by a Tree Care Expert requires a deep understanding of how different types of trees respond to different types of cut. Improper pruning can cause irreparable damage and dramatically shorten the life of the tree.

Trimming services also may include removing dead branches, crowded limbs, and taking out hazardous parts of the tree. Professional tree trimming is done with the long-term goal of improving the tree’s health and extending the lifespan of the plant. Regular, professionally performed trimming, in conjunction with a regular, preventative insect and pest care program is essential for a healthy and beautiful landscape.

Tree Health Assessment
Concerned about changes in the appearance or health of your trees? Call us to request a complete tree health assessment from one of our Tree Care Experts.

When you spot something that just doesn’t look right in your trees, we’ll help identify what’s causing the problem, and we’ll tell you how we can fix it. Our Yellowstone Tree Care Experts are specially trained to identify all types of Tree Care issues and then create solutions to correct them. Whether your tree has a common insect or pest infestation, a soil nutrient deficiency, or a tree disease that’s new to your area, it can be appropriately diagnosed and corrected.

Stump Grinding
After a tree is removed the remaining stump may be removed with our grinding service, even if the stump does not present an immediate safety hazard. Our Tree Care Experts will take great care to remove the nuisance stump without causing any damage to your property or any of the surrounding landscape materials.
Disease & Pest Management
Our certified Tree Care Experts are educated in diagnosing diseases and pests in your trees. Once correctly identified, we create and deliver treatment programs to correct and maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Regular inspections monitor that our treatment programs are remaining effective. All chemical controls are applied by a specially licensed applicator technicians, using only products approved for use by your area’s local regulations.